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compare gum removal equipment

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Welcome to Chewing Gum Removal Equipment by Daimer®

Chewing Gum removalWhether you are looking to start a gum removal business or to remove unsightly chewing gum stains from floors, tables, chairs, and other surfaces in your business, the best chewing gum removal equipment can be found at Daimer®. This site discusses the advanced technologies that set Daimer's Gum Exterminator® gum removal equipment a step above the rest. Find a large selection of the best gum removal equipment for you at www.daimer.com.



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Featured Models

Daimer® Mega 1000CVG

chewing gum removal

With steam temperatures up to 356°F, GUM EXTERMINATOR® technology, and vacuum extraction, the 1000CVG is one of the best systems available.

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Daimer® Mega 1000CVGP

gum removal machine

Enhancing the power of the 1000CVG, the 1000CVGP boasts additional
ATIS® anti-bacterial technology for enhanced cleaning capabilities.

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Daimer® Supreme 3000CVG

chewing gum removal machines

With higher steam temperatures, pressure levels, and capacity, the 3000CVG handles a host of steam cleaning and gum removal tasks.

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Daimer® Ultra 5000CVG

gum removal machine

One of Daimer's most powerful gum removal steam cleaners, the 5000CVG boasts powerful extraction, direct water feed, and temperatures up to 369°F.

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Chewing Gum Removal Equipment: Simplifying Gum Cleaning Tasks

There are lots of people who carelessly discard chewing wads in all sorts of places, ranging from schools, hospitals, and theatres to parking lots, buses, and restaurants. Once the gum gets stuck on surfaces, such as concrete or carpets, gum removal can be an almost impossible task. Maintenance professionals in gum removal business generally have a hard time scrubbing endlessly, to remove tough gum deposits from different surfaces. Thankfully, the new versions of advanced chewing gum removal equipment offer the fastest and easiest method to eliminate gum wads.

Steam Power for Gum Elimination

The best chewing gum removal machines utilize the combined power of gum remover solutions and hot steam for efficient gum removal results. The chewing gum remover solutions are used to soften the gum followed by a session of pressurized steam. Next, the gum is agitated with a stainless steel brush to remove all the traces of gum blotches. A top-grade chewing gum removal equipment also features a special chewing gum remover tool that enhances the chewing gum removal results.

Quality Gum Elimination Machines from Top Suppliers

The online stores of reputed distributors feature a stunning range of gum removal machines geared to tackle the toughest of gum cleaning jobs. For the best gum cleaning results ever, it is imperative to purchase high-grade machines from well-known brands. In addition to advanced gum cleaning technologies, these gum removal machines also feature the best of construction and reliability. By generating super-hot steam at high pressure levels, these chewing gum removal equipment efficiently clean off all traces of gum from different surfaces, such as hard floors, concrete brick, sidewalks, parking lots, and many others.

Conventional chewing gum removing machines simply soften the gum deposits. Users then have to manually extract the softened deposits. This manual extraction process involves additional effort and time. However, top-grade versions come with powerful vacuum extraction functions. As a result, these chewing gum removal systems speed up the cleaning process by efficiently extracting all the softened gum deposits and moisture from surfaces. The cleaning professionals, thus, do not have to expend extra effort and time to extract the deposits and mop away the remaining moisture.

Advanced Aspects

The cleaning efficiencies of gum removal equipment depend on its pressure levels and steam temperatures. The best gum removal equipment capable of efficient gum elimination feature pressure levels of 125 psi. To ensure effective softening of tough gum wads, these machines generate steam at a temperature of up to 369°F. The steam ejected by these machines is also called dry steam since it contains very low moisture content of about 5 percent. Dry steam helps soften the gum without making the surface too wet.

Top-quality gum removal equipment are also notable for the high quality of its construction. These machines feature either rugged stainless steel or heavy-duty plastic housing that guarantee exceptional standards of durability even under the most challenging conditions. The replaceable heating elements add to the reliability of the machines. Instead of replacing the entire heating system in case of functional issues, all you have to do is replace the heating rods with new ones. This greatly cuts down on maintenance costs. Some of the finest machines feature water capacities of 15 liters, 10-liter detergent tanks, and 14-liter extraction chambers. They also include large steam and vacuum hoses.